Эссенция Barangsori Grujam Essence 70ml

Товар Эссенция Barangsori Grujam Essence 70ml
Бренд Barangsori
Страна Южная Корея
Объем 70мл
Старая 932 руб
Цена 792 руб
Эссенция Barangsori Grujam Essence 70ml
Цена(Кол-во)руб (шт)


Dual-functional wrinkle whitening essence with AG-RCGP complex and Biomimetic Fluid Tears +. The essence normalizes the hydrobalance, improves skin condition, relieves signs of fatigue and stress. The essence contains a high concentration of active ingredients, which allows it to easily fight pores. The essence quickly restores tired skin, relieves swelling, eliminates the feeling of fatigue and discomfort. The product gives the face a fresh and well-groomed look.


Use: Apply a small amount to the desired area with light patting movements until completely absorbed

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