Лосьон Barangsori Baramsalgyul Lotion 80ml

Товар Лосьон Barangsori Baramsalgyul Lotion 80ml
Бренд Barangsori
Страна Южная Корея
Объем 40мл
Старая 625 руб
Цена 531 руб
Лосьон Barangsori Baramsalgyul Lotion 80ml
Цена(Кол-во)руб (шт)


Nourishing lotion Barangsori Baramsalgyul Lotion with extracts of natural plants such as: shea butter, persimmon extract, root extract, cane herb extract, red ginseng extract, marha extract. The product deeply nourishes and moisturizes the skin, preventing the appearance of age spots. The ingredients provide not only an instant but also a prolonged effect, guaranteeing a healthy skin at the cellular level. Provides cells with essential nutrients, improves blood microcirculation and restores the skin's structure and moisturizes it. 


How to use: Apply a little lotion and massage it evenly into the skin until completely absorbed.

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